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Sportak (later rebranded to Outdoor Sports Store) is an online store supplying sports equipment and outdoor apparel to sports enthusiasts and professionals. The store was the first of it’s kind in the region and later merged with the parent company Outdoor Sports to provide a seamless customer experience and unify branding efforts.

The challenge was to setup an easy-to-use online store that would sell and showcase the products, but also provide detailed information in the forms of articles, FAQs and advice. The site would also serve as a central place for managing orders and quantities, as well as a starting point for content creation. This meant that the focus was not only on the customer experience, but also on the associates and partners, who needed access to product information and status.


  • Planning the information architecture with a very diverse taxonomy structure and ensuring sucessful process for product import and updates
  • Creating and leading a team to design, develop and maintain the online store
  • Online marketing strategy and cross-channel integration by creating and distributing relevant content related to outdoor industry
  • Facilitating user research, testing and analytics by connecting online and offline experiences into a seamless customer journey


Online store achieved tremendous growth and, in one year since inception, surpassed both Outdoor Sports brick-and-mortar retail stores in demand sales. Store also became a central hub for handling orders, doing user research and providing customer support, increasing sales by over 100% and social media following up to +40K in the first 3 months after the online store went live.

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Product Information Page | High-fidelity wireframe for mobile app


Product Description – High-fidelity wireframe for mobile screens
Product Image concept for mobile app


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