Outdoor Sports – Visual Identity


Outdoor Sports is a start-up company that imports and distributes outdoor sports equipment and apparel. Products range from technical equipment to fashion accessories and most of them are seasonal (ex. ski equipment, rollerblades…) and are distributed to the stores and warehouses across the country, as well as through the online store.

OS-logobigFounded by former members of the national ski team and skiing professionals, Outdoor Sports is aiming to become the leader in providing quality equipment for outdoor and sport enthusiasts at all skill levels. A strong brand presence would ensure that the company is viewed as a leading source for family outdoor activities and set the tone of voice for communication inside and outside of the company.


I was task with creating a complete visual identity and brand design system that would be used across various channels, supporting marketing, online user experience and brand awareness for company’s 12 represented brands. I developed the concept from initial hand-drawn sketches through close collaboration with stakeholders and early adopters and managed to create a cohesive and scalable visual structure that set the tone of communication. Scalability and diverse applications had to be accounted for as the plans included stellar growth in the first year, bringing in even more brands and additional channels (namely online store and native apps).


  • 50% YoY growth of the company, with 2 additional stores opening in the first year
  • Branded over 20 POS in retail stores in the region (Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia)
  • Participated in largest European trade shows and connected with 4 more suppliers in first year, seeing an increase of over 200% in products offered



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