Design System Update Process Visualization

Visualization of the process of updating the Design System and Component Library for a Fortune 500 online retailer.

The Challenge

Creating a Design System is a process that is far from over once components are defined. As the business grows, new problems show up and opportunities arise. New content is published daily,  Marketing team is always looking for fresh new ways to present the content and user flows are constantly tweaked to provide a better user experience.

My Role

Faced with a challenge of leading the way in creating the design system, it became clear that the process of creating new components and updating the library would be equally important as defining the current components. Design System has absolutely no value if it isn’t up-to-date or even worse, it can create more confusion by providing outdated specs and patterns.

The Solution

Luckily for me, during my research I found a treasure chest of information regarding the creation, updates and usage of design systems, from big companies like AirBnb, Salesforce and a heap of useful articles on Medium . 

Updating the Design system is an effort involving multiple people inside different teams, all with various degrees of technical knowledge and understanding of the process. Again, a simple wireframe is worth a thousand words. Sketched by hand and cleaned up a bit, with a few added highlights and after several failed attempts in just a few hours, the


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